Getting Behind Some Important Sports Betting Strategies

Are Free Bets Really Free?!

Whenever novice bettors sign up at some bookmaker, one of the major criteria used by them is the amount of signup bonus offered by the bookie. Please keep in mind that even though free bets seem like a valid reason for selecting a specific bookmaker, you should be aware what is the actual value behind all such signup bonuses.
The first thing you must pay attention to with regard to these bonuses, is that pesky, tiny asterisk mark you see next to the phrase “Terms and conditions apply.” It’s mostly in a very tiny font size. These four words hold a lot of importance and must be paid a lot of heed to. Someone very wise had once said, “Devil always lies in the details!”
Bookmakers that offer such kind of promotions use creative ways of disguising the actual intent behind these incentives, making them seem far more valuable than they actually may be.
Let’s go over three of the most commonly used misleading phrases by some bookmakers, which they use under the guise of free bets, only to entice sports bettors. We’ll also go over their actual meanings.

Promo Cash
This term is used by bookmakers to refer to cash which actually doesn’t exist. Bookmakers may provide you with a certain amount which you can use for bet placements, but your stake is never returned to you if you win; you are only provided your winnings. Furthermore, there may be additional restrictions when it comes to the events you can bet on. In promo cash:
– You never actually get any of the promo cash amount.
– You are allowed to use the promo cash only in the form of the stake amount, and it is subsequently deducted from your winnings.
– The cash amount may also be a part of some free bet, providing you with an even lesser chance of seeing it in your wallet in the future.

Free bets
These bets are normally advertised as an effective means of placing bets without using any of your own money. Rather, you get the opportunity to place a free of cost bet from the bookmaker. However, in reality, these best normally require you to back unfavourable outcomes, and you are expected to match the free bet amount with your own money too. Some of its main highlights are:
– Bookmakers may urge you to bet in losing or less profitable markets.
– You may be asked to match the free bet amount with your own money.
– You may need to place even more number of bets to withdraw your winnings (from a free bet).

Risk-free bets
These are bets wherein you are allowed to place a bet and reclaim the bet amount, even if you lose. Although that’s true, you are expected to risk your money on some additional bets (normally multiple times) to qualify for this bonus. Couple of its main highlights are:
– As mentioned above, a risk-free bet makes it mandatory for you to incur additional risks with your money, which however may be refunded by the bookie if you lose.
– You are required to place multiple bets before you’re allowed to withdraw the refunded cash (post a risk-free bet loss), resulting in more risk for you.